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soybean chocolate

COFFEEBOB ROASTERS have the closed burner chamber for stable roasting. It dramatically cut down any effect from outer environment. Professional roasters only see this feature.

Don't imagine us as a just a coffee roasters maker. We make the value to live on. We think not a machine but a life. Many people live on the machine we made. We create a new life with a coffee roasting machine.

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Speakers, amplifiers

Infrastructure Electronics is a company that develops and manufactures power-based equipment and wired communication equipment.
Founded in 2019, the main developments have been thin-film speakers, speaker line checkers, amplifiers, power switching devices, power dividers and chargers.
Starting in 2020, we are developing disaster broadcasting equipment and developing it into ems systems for power s

IoT technologies enable public street lights to recognize and sense movement of vehicles and pedestrians and control lightness by itself.

Based on smart street technology, dedicated to research and development of smart pole products and services that are required for smart age and smart city by combining various Smart sensors and functions.

Our equipment has been used in a wide range of applications, including ceramics, batteries, glasses, magnetic paints, adhesives and pigments; especially, lots of equipment with application of structural ceramics has been developed in various models which already proved in the market.

We have been growing into a company with a process engineering competence that can design and integrate dispersing/grinding and mixing equipment with the management philosophy of "customer-oriented, trust-oriented, best service".

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