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등록일 2012년 09월 20일 00시 00분
제목 In the world with G-FAIR! Nambang CNA

“The overseas market entry, there is no trouble with Gyeonggi-do”

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Nambang CNA is located in Chupal Industrial Complex,
Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea and it is the 1st domestic share ‘aerosol’ professional company producing 700 kinds of products.

Nambang CNA has opened its first door in Bucheon by the founder president Sung-Kil, Kim in 1980 and it is a native company performing activities in Gyeonggi-do. Now President Kim’s son managing director Jong-Hyuk, Kim is guiding Nambang CNA with President Kim.  


The start of Nambang CNA was small.

In 1970, President Kim was working in a large corporation and looked at the aerosol products imported from overseas in the domestic construction site. With the thinking to develop a domestic product, he opened the first door in a small office of Seoul Guro.


After, he established Nambang CNA from Bucheon in 1980 and jumped in the aerosol product development. Different from other small and medium enterprises, he performed marketing making the brand ‘Nabakem’ from the business beginning.


Putting out the brand Nabakem to the world, overseas products were occupying the domestic market and it was not easy to go over the bias that it is a product developed by a small and medium enterprise. However, IMF that came become an opportunity to Nambang CNA. Domestic construction companies started to turn their eyes to Nabakem, which was low price than overseas products.

Especially, the aerosol products developed by Nambang CNA are low priced than overseas product, however there is no difference in performance and produces and supplies as ‘ordered’ for products that domestic companies wants. By producing ordered products to the consumers, the number of products produced by Nambang CNA is 700.

Nambang CNA yearly sales was 4 billion won before the IMF and after the IMF it grew as a company going over 10 billion won - more than 2 times than before. Now in the domestic construction site, you can see the brand Nabakem and the domestic aerosol market share is 70%.


Managing director Jong-Hyuk, Kim says “The IMF applied as the opportunity letting know the brand Nabakem to the domestic market’ “Going over the 1st domestic market share we are searching the China and Southeast Asia market entry”


▲ ‘World Market Development’ with Gyeonggi-do

Nambang CNA is a company performing activities over 30 years in Gyeonggi-do. For the Gyeonggi-do company environment, managing director Kim says “We could have grown until here with the support of Gyeonggi-do” and “Especially it became a large help to the overseas market entry”. Nambang CNA was a small and medium enterprise and it had a vague plan for the overseas market entry. The Gyeonggi-do passed over its hand to Nambang CNA. 


Gyeonggi-do printed the Nabakem’s advertisement in the overseas magazine including China and others through the Gyeonggi small and medium enterprises support center and the China buyers looked at the magazine started to inquiry for Nabakem.

The Gyeonggi small and medium enterprises center doesn’t prints the advertisement however gave help to Nambang CNA for overseas rules related to export, consultation with overseas buyers and others. Also, Nambang CNA actively uses several company support funds used in Gyeonggi-do receiving a large help in the finance use. Especially, Nambang CNA is participating every year in the Republic of Korea’s excellent product exhibition ‘G-FAIR KOREA’ operating from 1999. It is because the decision that there is no opportunity to meet the substantial overseas buyer as G-FAIR.

Managing director Kim says “The small and medium enterprises has not many opportunity to meet the overseas buyers and we are participating every year in the G-FAIR opened by the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Enterprises Center” “From the G-FAIR opened last year we have gathered a sales effect of several hundred million won as overseas A company purchased the aerosol product for two hundred million won.

He says “We have met the Japan buyer in charge of the large discount store through the G-FAIR and we are maintaining a good relation until now’ “We would like to say to the small and medium enterprises hesitating the G-FAIR participation. The result could not come out now however it is the investment for the future. The market development is the point that the small and medium enterprises are difficult, however the opportunity will come when using this exhibition and others”. Nambang CNA is searching the overseas market entry through the Gyeonggi-do support program and it is increasing 10 billion won sales every year.


Nambang CNA’s main overseas market is China and Southeast Asia countries progressing the development and it is planning to establish the factory in China Hangzhou area to capture the Chinese market. When the China Hangzhou factory is established, it is viewed to increase the sales records of 200~300 billion won going over 4 times of the domestic sales now.

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▲ ‘People’ moves the company… We will become a company not changing.


Nambang CNA’s managing director Jong-Hyuk, Kim says the development of Nambang CNA was possible because of the united power of employees. In Nambang CNA 100 employees are working and most employees are long time people in long service for 10 years. As they protected Nambang CAN for a longtime, Nambang CNA can challenge to the world market.

Managing director Kim says “I think the most important thing when operating the company is people. Including me and employee one and one, we don’t have a not good spec. However, if we become together, we can win competing with the international companies of course the domestic market” “We will operate the company with the thinking of being together having thankfulness to employees”


He says “The reason Nambang CNA is receiving the customer’s love is because it has the management technology to maintain the same quality using good materials even getting the small profit” “As we have performed, we will make efforts to produce products that customers can satisfy, the product of consumer centered and nice performance products. Watch Nambang CNA challenging in the world stage.


■ Gyeonggi Small and Medium Enterprises Support Center, Opens 2012 G-FAIR


The Gyeonggi Small and Medium Enterprises Support Center opens the Republic of Korea excellent product exhibition. This year G-FAIR opens in the Kintex exhibition 1 for 4 days in October 17th~20th and 900 companies are planning to participate.

In this exhibition, it displays life consumptions including life supplies, construction interior, medical supplies, leisure supplies, electric products, lighting equipment, computer and communication products, car supplies, tool (instruments) and others.


Especially, this year it opens the Small Business Foundation Exhibition and Gyeonggi Design Fair and many overseas buyers are viewed to come to G-FAIR. Companies wanting to participation can inquiry to the exhibition convention team (031-259-6124). 

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