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등록일 2012년 09월 20일 00시 00분
제목 2012 G-FAIR KOREA Invitation Guidance of Buyers Wanting to Purchase

2012 G-FAIR KOREA Invitation Guidance of Buyers Wanting to Purchase


We appreciate the participatory companies of G-FAIR KOREA.

In order to give more benefits to the participatory companies, we want to progress our tasks as below to support potential buyer invitations which the companies hope for as well as the discovery of new buyers, so please refer to it.

1. Invitation Procedure

Overseas Local Buyer

Registration of Adjacent KOTRA, GBC Buyers

Selecting Invitation Buyer

Buyer Invitation and Support

※ In case of inviting buyers to G-FAIR KOREA, they must be selected as the invitation target by KOTRA of overseas base and GBC, and the invitation may be impossible due to the problems of local trade pavilion, budget and other procedure problems.


A. Pre-registration of Nationwide(Local) Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA) and GBC

In case of inviting appointed buyers to G-FAIR KOREA Export Seminar, the buyer must register at GBC or Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA) which are excellent in adjacency or their belonging nation.

※ Registration method of the buyer

- Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA): http://english.kotra.or.kr -> Introduction of KOTRA -> Organization Chart -> Reference of Overseas Trade Pavilion

- GBC: http://www.gtrade.or.kr/index_e.jsp-> Export Supporting Business -> Reference to the Overseas Gyeonggi Business Center

B. After-Measures when Selecting Invitation Buyer Targets

- The method of enlisting GBC and Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA) can be different according to the local practices and telecommunication environments, so the buyer must contact pertinent GBC and Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA), understanding the procedure and progressing the registration by the local procedure.

- In case it is enlisted as a GBC buyer or an Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA) buyer, it can get continuous business guides as to the commerce promotion group, overseas G-FAIR or export seminar performed by GBC or Overseas Trade Pavilion (KOTRA).

- The buyer selected as a invitation target must cooperate to G-FAIR Registrar's schedule as an official buyer of G-FAIR KOREA, and it can promote special schedules within the scope not interfering the exhibition schedule.


2. Invitation Buyer Benefit

- Providing transportation means: (Entry to the nation) Airport- Hotel, (Event period) Hotel- Kintex, (Exit from the nation) Hotel- Airport

- Providing accommodation: SINGLE hotel accommodation for 3 days (2010/16~18) Free provision (including breakfast)

- Supporting by interpretation: Assigning 1 person per buyer inside the event hall

- Providing welcoming party on the event day

- Providing official items such as directory and souvenirs

- No airfare support


3. Other question guide

- Chief Kyung-won Kim, Exhibition Convention Team of Gyeonggi Small & Middle Business Total Support Center (031-259-6123)


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