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대한민국 우수상품전시회 지페어 코리아
작성자 관리자
등록일 2012년 09월 20일 00시 00분
제목 In case of inviting the overseas buyer to 2012 G-FAIR KOREA

□ In case of inviting the overseas buyer to the 2012 G-FAIR KOREA


In case of inviting the buyer to G-FAIR KOREA, you should be selected as the invitation target from KBC and GBC (under KOTRA and others). IN other words, it is not all invited as applying, therefore please understand this point and checking the below content when inviting the overseas buyer and progress the work.


. Buyer Registration

1. In case of inviting the buyer to the G-FAIR KOREA export consultation, it should be registered as the buyer in the GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) or KBC (Korea Busienss Center) located in the buyer belonging country.


2. The GBC and KBC buyer registration method can be different following the local practice, communication environment and others. The buyer should contact the applicable GBC and KBC, know the steps and progress the registration following the local steps.


3. As the buyer registration is different from the G-FAIR KOREA export consultation participation application, you should apply separately for the G-FAIR KOREA export consultation. In case of registered as the local GBC or KBC buyer, you can receive the business guidance for trade promoter, overseas G-FAIR, export consultation and others.

 . G-FAIR KOREA Participation Application

1.     In case of progressing the G-FAIR KOREA participation buyer recruitment from GBC and KBC, you should do the participation application in GBC or KBC that the buyer is registered.

2.     The G-FAIR KOREA buyer participation application is expected to progress in early July (the participation application time can be changed following the situation). When the participation application time is decided, it will be announced to the G-FAIR KOREA participation companies.

. Invited Buyer Selection

1. For the buyer applied for participation, the buyer list selected as the invitation target after the first verification from GBC and KBC, it is delivered to the GSBC and GSBC selects the invited buyer considering the consultation possibility with domestic companies and others. 

Considering the conditions including budget and others, please keep in mind that it is not all selected for applied buyers as invited buyers.


□ Invited Buyer Benefits

- Providing Transport

- (Entry) Airport – Hotel (Event Period) Hotel – Kintex, (Departure) Hotel- Airport

- Providing free SINGLE hotel accommodation 3 days (10/16~18) including breakfast

- Assigned 1 interpreter for 1 buyer in the event

- Participation in the welcome lunch in every day

- Providing the official goods including directory, souvenir and others

- There is no plan for air fare support

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