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How to Visit

Overview of Trade Meeting

  • Subject : Companies looking for purchase of quality product for each area and technical partnership
  • Date : 2020.10.22.(Thu)~24(Sat)
  • Place : KINTEX 1st Exhibition Hall
  • (Participation)Method : Consultation through the actual visiting of the exhibitor's booth

Guide to visit

For Further Information

For Further Information
Countries Region Contact Point
HeadQuarter Sieun Cheon
Tel) 82-31-259-6152
E-mail : sieun1000@gbsa.or.kr
Iran Tehran Mr. Jin Dae Sung
Tel) 98-21-2623-0535
E-mail : tehran_director@gbcims.or.kr
India Mumbai Mr. Janesh Nair
Tel) 91-22-6143-7400 Fax) 91-22-6143-7410
E-mail : janeshnair@gbcims.or.kr
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Patrick On
Tel) 603-7733-9805
E-mail : patrick-gbc@gbcims.or.kr
USA LA Mr. Lee Duk Soo
Tel) 1-323-297-3270
E-mail : kimdeogsoo@gbcims.or.kr
China Shanghai Mr. Kim Gee Lyo
Tel) 86-21-6270-2256
E-mail : sh_director@gbcims.or.kr
Shenyang Mrs. Nan Jing Shu
Tel) 86-24-3137-0686
E-mail : sy_director@gbcims.or.kr
Guangzhou Mr. Kim Dae Woong
Tel) 86-20-3891-2189
E-mail : gz_director@gbcims.or.kr
ChongQing Mr. Park Un Bon
Tel) 86-23-6712-3603
E-mail : cq_director@gbcims.or.kr
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Mr. Kim Dong Young
Tel) 84-8-3822-9192
E-mail : hcm_director@gbcims.or.kr
Russia Moscow Mr. Lim sang hyun
Tel) 7-905-570-8091
Email : mos_direcotr@gbcims.or.kr
Kenya Nairobi Mr. Woo Mankwon
Tel) 254-724-255397
Email : nairobi_director@gbcims.or.kr