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Terms & Regulations


Definitions of Terms

  • "Exhibitor(Participating Company)" refers to the company, association, and entity submitting the application for participation in the
    exhibition. "Exhibition" refers to G-FAIR KOREA 2020
    "Organizer" refers to Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator(GBSA)


Contract, Application, Participation Fee Payment Procedure

  • Application (contract) must be submitted through G-FAIR KOREA 2020 E-mail(sieun1000@gbsa.or.kr). Payment for the contract should be
    The participation fee covers the costs for the venue, hallway cleaning, provision of PR data, exhibition directory, and
    provision of other information until the opening of the exhibition.


Allocation of exhibit space

  • Based on the order of down payment, scale of participation, whether a returning participant, composition of the exhibition, and nature of exhibited products, the Organizer allocates space to the participating companies within the exhibition hall through Organizer. On special occasions, the Organizer may change the space allocated to the exhibitors as long as it is before the preparation period. Such changes are under the discretion of the Organizer, and exhibitors cannot request compensation thereof.


Use of exhibit space

  • Exhibitors are bound to exhibit the subscribed products and to present the stands with competent personnel during the open hours of the Exhibition. Activities of the Exhibitor shall be confined within limits of the Exhibitor’s booth. The exhibit will be consistent with the theme of the Exhibition and the Organizer reserves the right to restrict exhibits, which may cause detraction from the general character of the Exhibition.


Insurance, security and safety

  • Exhibitors must have insurance for all equipment and exhibits during the installation, withdrawal, and exhibition period. The Organizer will take appropriate measures to protect the rights of exhibitors and visitors. However, the ultimate liabilities of all items of the exhibitors reside with the exhibitors. All materials such as stands and equipment must be incombustible according to fire safety acts. The Organizer may limit construction work and performance if needed.


Provision of Information

  • Exhibitors must provide data on exhibits and construction so that the Organizer may determine whether the equipment and activities undertaken within the booth comply with the regulations. Exhibitors must also provide necessary information for public relations of G-FAIR KOREA 2020


Exhibit Limits & Hall Management

  • Exhibitors must display stated exhibits, and locate permanent staff in the booths. Activities of exhibitors are limited within the allocated space. Also, there is responsibility of loss, damage, robbery, and all other related matters regarding the exhibits reside with the exhibitors (participating companies). The Organizer may limit harmful actions to other exhibitors, excessive noise, and divided use of the same booth with other companies, and exhibits disagreeing with the nature of the exhibition.


Prohibition of Exhibition Booth Assignment

  • Exhibitors may not assign all or part of the already allocated exhibition area to a third party without the approval of the Organizer.


Cancellation of Application

  • In events that the exhibitors decline to use the space allocated, fail to pay the deposit or fail to comply with the regulations set by the organizers, the organizers can void application and the participation fee will not be refunded.


Changes and Breach of Contract

  • In events that an exhibitor decides to downgrade or cancel the floor space applied for, the following penalty needs to be paid to the organizer within 15days from the change. If the exhibitor has already paid the registration fee in full, the penalty will be deducted from it.



  • Participation fees already paid shall be taken for the penalty. Should that amount not be sufficient, the difference must be paid and any excess amount shall be refunded.
  • Refund regulation:
    • *Cancellation between 120 and 61 days before the show : 50% of cost
    • *Cancellation between 60 and 31 days before the show : 30% of cost
    • *Cancellation 30 days or less before the show : will not be refunded



  • The Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and duration of the Exhibition under any exceptional circumstances(national crisis, natural disaster etc). In the event of a change of venue and/or cancellation of the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any claim for compensation in connection with the booking for participation.



  • When necessary, the organizer shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those in the Terms & Regulations. Those regulation and instructions shall be binding on the Exhibitors. The Exhibitor shall observe the KINTEX Rules and Regulations.


Installation and Removal

  • The installation and removal of the exhibitors and booths must be completed by the date and time stipulated by the Organizer. Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organizer an any loss, which may be caused by delay or damage to the Exhibition Hall.


Arbitration of Disputes

  • Any dispute, difference or question arising hereafter between the Organizer and the Exhibitor related to interpretation of Terms & Regulations for participation, or rights and liabilities of the parties hereto, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul, Korea. The verdict of the above arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.


Clean Fulfillment of Contract

  • Regarding this contract, the Organizer and exhibitors must not directly/indirectly request or provide any sort of inappropriate granting such as bribable services and money. Both parties must mutually strive to maintain a clean and transparent trading environment and fair trade orders.